*Lace Tint changes the color or the lace to match your skin tone & mimic your Scalp & Hairline. This is perfect for an “undetectable aka scalp look “
*Unfortunately, we cannot change any address after your order has shipped. If you’ve entered the wrong address please contact customer service immediately (TheDreyaMichelleBrand@gmail.com) so we can cancel/update your order before shipping.
*Please be aware that once a label is created for your order you will receive a tracking number. This does not mean your order is yet in transit. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for tracking to show transit updates.
* Shipping is 3-5 Business Days. Business days do not include holidays or weekends. Due to Covid-19 Shipping may be delayed, as these are delays out of our control. Shipments can take an additional 5-10 Business Days
*Full Lace units have a base that is made completely of lace. The base for Full Lace Units allows free parting throughout the unit so that you can wear it in any style!(Half up, half down, ponytails, braids, or even an updo!
*View our “How to Measure” tab on our site to see a chart, tips and a video on how to properly measure your head.
*By providing the correct required measurements, we will design a unit based on your head size and shape. By using these measurements your unit will have a snug fit which results in your unit being 100% Glue-less.
Ready to ship units are both factory- and machine-madeunits. They are units that are styled, customized and colored prior to a customer’s request. These units are made and fit based off our standard sizing. Small = 21”-21.5” , Medium = 22”-22.5” , Large = 23”-23.5” , and XL 24”.
*With the proper care and maintenance, your units can last up to 3 years. However, the lace will need to be replaced periodically.
*Lace Sheds! Lace will last 2-3 months with everyday wear before it will have to be replaced. Hairline customization such as bleaching knots, plucking the hairline, cutting baby hair, and product buildup will decrease the life of the lace.
*Yes, you can straighten any hair texture. We do not recommend the straightening of curly hair repeatedly because the curl pattern may be comprised. Please keep in mind that Virgin hair mimics our natural hair and heat damage can occur.
*Transparent Lace - is a lighter color lace, it gives off a white tone. This lace can be tinted to match any skin tone/complexion. This lace is very durable and stretchy. I mainly use Transparent lace for my units. *HD Lace - is thinner and softer than other laces which allows you to get that perfect melt! This lace can be tinted to match any sky tone/complexion. This lace is NOT Durable, you must handle with care and be very gentle. Not ideal for an everyday unit! Recommended to use for special occasions.*Light Brown Swiss Lace – All benefits of Transparent lace EXPECT this lace is for people with a brown complexion as it already has a brown tint to it. You cannot lighten lace, if you are a lighter skin tone this lace will not work for you!
Signature units are our Most Popular Units . These units are PRE-ORDER only . All PRE-ORDER units required 7-10 Business Day Processing Time
Returns are not permitted . Please view our "Return Policy" for more information
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