Our “Created by Dreya” service is a great way to utilize any old bundles you may have, and get them transformed into a custom unit that’ll last up to 3 years with proper care! 

You can also give your “Go to Unit” some TLC and bring it back to life with our “Restore me Please” Service. 
Balding Lace ? No Problem , I can replace it ! Do not throw your old units away !!
If you've purchased a unit that was not Ready to wear, we can customize it for you and get it ready to wear with our “Touched by Dreya” Service



We do not accept any used lace! Lace must be new , unused and uncut.
You may add Lace cutting, adding of an elastic band and coloring to your services!
For Lace Replacement services , you MUST provide your own lace ! 
Bundles may be pre used, they must be free of buildup and separated by length prior to sending them in!
All units will be Fully Customized & Ready to wear
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